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Welcome new members.

Hello all I would like to welcome all of our new members and let ya know that we are preparing to ramp up the web site for Flashpoints and op schedules as well as Extra LIfe in October.

Extra Life is a non profit fundraiser for gamers that helps raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I have had to use them in the past and they helped my son overcome some very difficult problems. I try to fundraise and get sponsors to help my local hospital. Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City. It is a hospital that is set up to make children feel comfortable in some pretty tough times. It has paintings donated by children around the area and is painted in child friendly colors. There are lots of things there that children can see to make them feel at home and comfortable. I will have more details on this when the fundraiser gets closer.

Thank you all for joining The Old Republic.


Guild OPS

Hi all I just wanted to make a post about upcoming guild ops. Most of you are enjoying the content and taking your time getting to level 50. I have been having a lot of fun with it but most of us miss out on the flashpoints. Flashpoints are there to encourage group situations and we can utilize these to get to know each other better and to find out our strengths and weaknesses. There are 3 modes of flashpoints regular mode, hardmode, and nightmaremode. Hardmode can be done with 4 people but its pretty tough. We have a lack of any guild system in game for me to communicate with you for these ops or pvp so we need to coordinate to be able to be on at optimal times to run. I am going to start a thread on the forums for flashpoint interest please reply with times and days you can run so we can plan weekly events. Thanks


Greetings from Old Republic

Greetings everyone, I am sorry for the lack of updating this website since December but I had 2 grandparents pass away in 2 consecutive months. I will be working hard to bring more frequent guild updates to our guild web page in the near future. We are currently recruiting new players. We recomend using our guild Ventrilo server for high end content and to get to know each other but it is as always not manditory unless we are running hardmode raids or nightmare mode raids. We are willing to do all raids in normal mode without ventrilo though as long as somone is in vent to help me type commands.. If you would like our Vent info please contact me via PM for the Login info Thank You.


Flashpoints and PVP

Old Republic is alive and kicking on the juyo server. This server is East Coast PVE. We currently have a good mix of levels and professions. As we all get closer to level 50 we should work towards finding our own strengths that we can contribute to the group and end game content. For some of us this includes Ventrilo. We recomend Ventrilo for high end raids and PVP but its not required. You can usually always find somone willing to help out on Vent. I would like to see guild member flags for different guild titles so that people know who to contact for help but thats not currently in game. There is also a lack of a guild mail feature making it dificult to contact groups of people or the entire guild in game other then basic guild chat.

For now I am going to set up a guild officer and recruitment list when I get back from Oregon next week that you can access from the guild web site. Please feel free to contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Old Republic Lore Volume 1

At the sunset of his life, Afet
looks back on his life as a Jedi Guardian and upon his ancestry. Afet has met
many friends and allies in his travels across the Galaxy. The life of a Jedi is
a dangerous one, but full of adventure as a Jedi searches for the truth and to
learn the lessons of the Force.

Afet first saw the Death star
construction on Endor as he worked with the Bothans to smuggle the death star
plans to the Rebellion. When Afet decided to work with the Bothan’s he made it
known that his work was to be anonymous because he was forced into hiding to
avoid being hunted down by the empire.

Afet’s work on Endor would likely
lead to his death but the work was so important, that he knew that if he was to
fall that his death would be honorable although it would never be known by
either the empire or the rebellion.

“I leave this Holocron as proof of
my existence and my work to thwart the empire” “I hope that this record will
fall into the hands of the reborn Jedi so that they will know of the treachery of
the empire in hopes that this will never happen again.”

“My group, Old Republic, is all but
extinct now.” “Our philosophy was and still is to bring about the resurrection of
the Galactic Republic. We have fought many battles throughout the galaxy and
have garnered the full attention and dedication of resources from the Empire
directed at destroying our collective group of Rebels.”

“We have been able to infiltrate
the base on Endor and locate the secret code to gain access to the planet’s
surface for the Rebellion.” “Although, the Bothans have declared a victory I
sense that our retrieval of the secret landing codes and the plans to the Death
Star came too easily. It has been very difficult to mask my presence from Vader
and the Emperor, but I feel that I have been successful in this endeavor.”

“I am going into exile until the Emperor
is defeated and Old Republic is joining up with the Alliance to continue
fighting for our cause. It is my hope that they will understand that my
presence will only endanger my friends and that I must continue fighting alone.”

"I sense a presence I have not felt in............... I must stop now until the danger is averted."